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Weddings Wednesday | Kailey-Michelle + Dave Joshua | Vintage Wedding at Deas Island

Today, for our first inaugural Weddings Wednesday post, we want to celebrate the wedding of one of our closest and dearest. Kailey-Michelle, aka Chief Powerhouse, is the epitome of vintage love, and her wedding was nothing short of the perfect vintage celebration of family+friends+love. All images are beautifully captured by ameris.

In her own words:-

“As I look back now, my heart fills with gratitude; our wedding was nothing short of magical!

But truth be told, being in the industry made my journey one of challenge and overwhelm. There were my own expectations, our families and the ones of others in the industry. And I can say first hand, I let the “expectations” get the better of me.

Two months out I had a revelation. I was no longer planning the wedding of my dreams, but one that would satisfy and impress the countless blogs I had adored, the lavish weddings I had worked and the pro’s who would be ‘watching’.

Sadness and embarrassment overcame me for allowing the wedding to overshadow the marriage. But I was determined to correct my wrong, at whatever cost, and prove to my fiance and myself it’s what comes after the day that matters most.

So with eight weeks to go and the calendar clock ticking, I walked away from my big beautiful wedding and started fresh.
The results are what you see today: the wedding it was always meant to be!
One I had dreamed up as a little girl along side my mother; of sweet nostalgia and cozy familiarity, intimately surrounded by those who love me dearly.
One of quaint charm and personal history; of passion and story telling.

Every element shared our hearts:

+ The intimate first look beneath our favourite willow tree, in which we exchanged hand-made cards back to back
+ Dave’s father, who married us on my parents’ waterfront property
+ our high-tea reception in the park, where my angel brother, Cole’s memorial bench resides
+ our favourite fare, both sweet and savoury, indicated by tent-cards declaring who adores most
+ every nic-nac, made + crafted, every piece, a family heirloom.

Guest shared that they now ‘know’ us more than ever, after experiencing our sacred day!

It was truly an unfolding story, genuine to our two hearts. And while it may not have been the calmest journey, it was one of triumph and seeking pure joy.

Now, You may be asking why I wished to share this side of my story … why I didn’t wrap it up pretty and paint the perfect picture.

Because the truth is simple: there’s beauty in imperfection and life needs a little more grace! And in sharing my story with you, my hope is that some may resonate and find solace in my frank devulge.

At Heirloom, we believe in marriage; in the genuineness of your nuptials. And while it may sound fine and dandy, we understand it’s far easier said then done.

But know that we take this mission seriously: in helping guide and inspire your journey to the aisle, so that in the end, it may be one of true heart, authenticity and uniquely your own.

In life and in your wedding, do what matters most and forget all the rest!”

Vendor List:

Venue | Deas Island Heritage School House
Florist | Kjerstin Vaastra (Bride’s friend)
Makeup+Hair | Yuki Lam
Gown | Bryans Bride
Jewelry | BCBG
Design+Styling | Kailey Michelle EVents
Catering | Family+Friends
Stationary | Kailey Michelle Events
Photographer | Ameris
Videographer | Perfect Pair Media


Love it, so glad to have read about your wedding & see the photos yet again everything looked beautiful! :)