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Choosing a Wedding Photographer Who Will Capture Your Unique Story – Guest Post By Wedding Photographer Kelsey Goodwin

Today we are excited to share with you a guest post from the uber-talented, Victoria and Vancouver-based wedding photographer Kelsey Goodwin.

Kelsey specialises in photojournalistic, artistic and ethereal wedding photography. She’s giving you a few pointers on what the most important photos of your wedding day are, and the way to find the photographer who will capture the images and create the collection you’re hoping for. Here are her tips on how to find the photographer whom you can trust and communicate with, and share your unique story.

wedding photographer kelsey goodwin

All Images Courtesy of Kelsey Goodwin -  KGOODPHOTO

“As women, most of us have an idea of what we want our wedding to look or feel like before we get engaged, sometimes even before we fall in love. It’s fun and exciting. But in the throws of inspiration and pinterest boards, we can sometimes forget that there is no right way or wrong way to do your wedding.

From a photographer’s perspective, brides fall in love with other peoples’ wedding images they see. Or they are supplied with a “shoot list” from another bridal resource. When you hire a professional, we know to focus on the rings and the kiss and the first dance etc. Supplying a shoot list to your photographer is like telling the florist not to forget the bouquet.

wedding photographer kelsey goodwin

Communication and trust are equally important with your photographer. What I am looking and asking for is the real list or conversation. The one that informs me that your fiance’s grandmother is having health problems but is still going to attend – and that it’s her wedding band that will grace your finger that day. If I wasn’t aware of the circumstances, I might not have snapped that shot of her holding and appraising your newly endowed hand, for example, or even the bond expressed between the two of you that might have been missed while we were organising for another formal portrait.

I want to know about the inside joke funny face that you and your lover have together – a face I might not include in the final collection if I didn’t have the story. Your story. Your photographer needs to know the prologue if they hope to pave the epilogue in all its glory.

wedding photographer kelsey goodwin

Just as culturally rich ceremonies have many small nuances that have a deeper importance, every wedding is filled with small moments in between the big ones that will portray the day in a more personal way. Each wedding is so different and this is why it’s difficult to try to emulate another person’s wedding photo – timing, emotion, relationships, location etc. all play a crucial part in the final imagery.

This especially includes the skill of the photographer. Hence it’s often best to hire the author of the photograph that you fell in love with to achieve the same quality and tonality. Tell them what you like about it and they will know the type of wedding images you seek. If that is one of the photos they displayed on their website or advertisement, chances are they are passionate and talented at creating those types of images. You can then be certain they will achieve a similar collection for you.

wedding photographer kelsey goodwin

The most important moments to immortalise are the relationships that are important to you. Even though this is the joining of two families and the formation of a new one, the most important relationship of the day is of course between the bride and groom. This is my favourite relationship to capture, and I approach it in many different ways – photojournalisticly to capture your natural affection, and some guided romantic portraits with a fashion fairytale approach, because I want everyone to look and feel like a rock star.

Above all else, do find a photographer whom you trust and can easily communicate with. Telling them your story will help him or her be hyperaware of the important moments during your special day. It’s good to have a game plan but don’t forget to also relax and enjoy the moments naturally, because the best images are often the spontaneous ones!

wedding photographer kelsey goodwin