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Fancy Finds | Wedding Band vs Wedding DJ: A Wedding Singer’s Perspective – Famous Players Guest Post

Wedding Band or Wedding DJ

Today on the blog we have a guest post from Aimée Sulz, one of five lead singers with the Famous Players Band, a Vancouver-based wedding and party band. She has a nine year old daughter, is recently married, and is a few credits shy of a degree in psychology. She has been to more weddings in the last nine years than she can remember and is totally biased when it comes to music and weddings. Aimée tackles the big debate from an insider’s perspective… Should you hire a wedding band vs wedding DJ?

Images Courtesy of Famous Players Band 

Aimée writes:

As a singer and a recent bride, I have an uncommon perspective on the debate between hiring a wedding band vs a wedding DJ. In this blog-post, I hope to give you a little insight and advice on choosing the musical entertainment for your wedding.

Researching for my own wedding, I found a rather eye-opening statistic: People spend almost twice as much money on photography than they do on music and entertainment. Now, I understand that you want great photos to remember your big day with. But, you only get one chance to have the party of your life; to host and thank all of your family and friends for their support over the years. If you don’t have a great reception, your best memories will be your photographs. And, isn’t that just a little sad?

My first bit of advice is this: if you have the budget, do it all! Get your favourite band and a DJ. Most bands and DJs can work really well together, and you get the best of both worlds. With both a DJ and a band, you can have a seamless night of music, entertainment and partying until the clock strikes whatever time you have noted on your contracts with the venue. However, if you’re like me, and you can’t afford to have it all, go for the band.  Here are a few reasons why:

Live Music = Energy

You’re throwing a party here. What’s the biggest buzz kill at a party? An empty dance floor. With a live band, you’re not only paying for the music, but also the show. Live bands are like party magnets. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen. We played a show once where there were multiple venues and multiple forms of entertainment. We were the only live band, however. By the end of the first hour, our dance floor was packed and the people who weren’t dancing were still in the room, watching. The DJ rooms were empty. Why? Because, whether you like to dance or if you prefer to be more of a wallflower, with a live band, you get the music and a show. With a band, you get the energy of living people, who are genuinely enjoying themselves, and that, my dear readers, is contagious.

Live Music = Adaptability

Wedding band’s are professional entertainers. We can read a crowd and move with you. Are you shy? We can start you off slow, and even do some silly things to get you to loosen up. We can help you feel more comfortable, before the cocktails kick in. Not so shy? A great band can play songs from every era, so, if grandma wants to hear Elvis, then you want to dance to Beyoncé, we can do that! Heck, we’ll even lead the crowd in a Michael Jackson dance off, if that’s how you roll.

Live Music = Integration Like I said above, if you are less inclined to dance, a DJ leaves a lot to be desired. With a live band, maybe you don’t want to dance, but you’ll stay to watch the show. The more people who stay and enjoy your party, the more successful your party will be. With a live band, you have the opportunity to please everyone, because there is a little something for all tastes and all personalities.

Live Music = The Classiest Choice Ask your grandma. Back in the day, everybody had a band at their weddings. If you really want that vintage feel, get a great room, a great band and a great cocktail and canapé menu. The rest will sort itself out.

This is your wedding: Your chance to throw a party like no other. When it comes to entertainment, you deserve to have the best. The best memories I have from my own wedding are dancing with my husband and watching my daughter sing (and steal the show) with my band mates. With a live band, you get people who love what they do. You get expertise, adaptability and energy that you simply cannot get from a DJ. You get an interactive form of entertainment that everyone can enjoy, from young to old. With a live band you’re getting the party going, before it even starts.