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Love is for the Birds | Thursday Themes

vintage bird theme wedding
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Brides, put your bird cage veils on because birds, birds, birds are everywhere! This year they are not only making their way into home decor but now we have – the vintage bird theme wedding. Birds are such a versatile addition to any wedding, especially perfect for one with vintage theme. A perfect idea for spring, which isn’t really all that far away now.

Choose from a pastel colour scheme – duck egg blue and natural ivory paired with soft and feminine dusty rose – the perfect palette to go with pretty floral patterns or vintage sheet music! Or use some pale greens and browns paired with burlap and lace for a whimsical woodland wedding. Add some wooden bird’s nests as centerpieces or onto your dessert table filled with mini eggs and candy coated sunflower seeds! You can also find so many cute vintage bird cake toppers on Etsy.

It’s the small details that count – a great idea to incorporate this theme into your day is to give your tables names like nightingale, swallow and robin. Hang antique bird cages about the room and place them on tables as centerpieces. Light them with varying heights of pillar candles to add some romance, or fill them with moss and flowers to bring the outdoors in. You could get creative and use an antique birdcage as a card holder for your guests to drop their cards into.

If you want to go way back in time, there is an age old tradition of releasing white doves after your ceremony to bring good luck and blessings to the bride and groom.

One of our favourite ways to include the vintage bird theme into your day is to incorporate feathers into you and your bridesmaid’s hair pieces, or even mix them into your bouquet!

Tammy + Alicia-Rae