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Inspired by Queen Victoria | A Victorian Wedding

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Ah, the elegance of a Victorian wedding…

The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress was made popular by Queen Victoria herself in 1840. She wore a beautiful ivory satin and lace dress, since inspiring brides for many years to follow. She also wore sweet ivory ballet flats with ballet like lacing – most definitely a woman ahead of her time. Before Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, a match based on true love, women generally wore their best gown to be married in. Of course, for those who came from noble and aristocratic backgrounds this gown would be especially made for the occasion but it was almost never white. Wedding dresses of the Victorian era had a fitted bodice and waist, pulled in by a corset.

A Victorian wedding is all about elegance, grace and class. Oh, and of course royalty! Want to add a touch to your own day? Every royal bouquet since has had a sprig from Queen Victoria’s myrtle bush added in, so include some in yours. Also keep in mind, the standard Victorian flower is the rose.

To keep the theme going throughout your day, have a four-tier Victoria sponge with summer fruits, which Queen Victoria loved to have a slice of with her afternoon tea.  A typical Victoria sponge consists of raspberry jam and whipped double cream or vanilla cream, yum! Serve some tasty tea in vintage teacups and saucers alongside your cake. This would be a great idea for a wedding shower as well.

Victorian weddings were usually held in a church. But, venue choices also includes a backyard garden, botanical garden or a provincial park. A historic Victorian mansion would also be perfect.

All in all, a Victorian themed wedding calls for romantic gestures of a dainty nature like, fine floral china, lots of intricate lace, and fragrant little rosebuds!


Alicia-Rae & Tammy xo