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Fancy Finds | Vancouver Wedding Branding | Uniquity Design

Are you a local Vancouver Wedding Professional looking to re-brand your company or amp up your current blah-zeh look? Allow me to introduce Tammy Lyon of Uniquity Design, Vancouver Wedding Branding Expert, who also happens to be your Chief Mindreader here at Heirloom Magazine!

“I’m all about luxurious paper, any type of coffee, and riding my pretty blue bike around the neighborhood. I also collect beautiful typefaces like most women buy shoes. I started my career as a graphic designer in the high tech world and after several years, I decided to venture on my own. Uniquity Design was born, and has given me the opportunity to work with an incredibly diverse group of industries.

What excites me the most in design is learning from and understanding how different businesses work. I love business: the research, the learning and the discovery aspect of my evolving design process. It makes the ideas flow and heart soar.

Vancouver Wedding Branding

Despite spending most of every day working with technology, I’m a bit old school at heart. I have a vintage, orange rotary phone on my desk next to my computer, and somehow live sans iPhone. Yes, really! The country side of me loves cooking, enjoying the outdoors, meeting neighbors and creating a community.

I believe in building up my clients to go after their heart’s desires. This type of work fulfills me and has allowed me to meet people who are strong, authentic and inspirational. Both in business and life I want to help, encourage others and make them smile. Since starting Uniquity Design 1o years ago, I have worked with and designed numerous brands and have learned a little bit more each time. Great clients equals great work!”

Take a peek at Tammy’s sensation portfolio  and learn more about the process and details in working with her. It’s time to bring your brand to life, friends. It’s about personality and telling your story in an authentic and passionate way!

Happy Weekend!