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Vancouver Vintage Wedding Magazine | Intern Alicia-Rae | Tuesday Tea Time

If you’re an active member on our Heirloom Facebook page, you might have noticed some buzz around there recently. That buzz is Alicia-Rae, our adorably spunky, vintage-loving Intern! We’re absolutely delighted to welcome her to our team and look forward to watching her grow and soar within our community. Today, we thought we’d introduce you to her; be sure to show her some love. We appreciate the support and encouragement of her, friends!

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Home Town: Little old Ladner, B.C.

Birthday/ Sign: December 4th, Sagittarius!

Starbucks or Tim Hortons: Always Starbucks if I had to choose between the two. But if I could choose one place to always get my morning or afternoon cup of tea, that would be David’s Tea… I am a huge tea drinker and love having lots of choices… they have a tea for my every mood! My favourites are Organic Cream of Earl Grey and Organic Superberry!

Favourite Magazine: I love National Geographic… and National Geographic Traveller! My dream has always been to be a journalist or photographer for them one day, travelling the world and telling people’s tales. The stories and photos in the magazine are fantastic; I love reading about different people, places and cultures, I’m a traveller! I also love Vogue, it has documented the history of fashion through the years…did you know that it started in 1916? It has amazing content, and the articles aren’t just about clothes and celebrities, it’s filled with artists and authors and businesswomen too!

Never Leave Home Without: A pen and paper and one of my cameras. I love my Diana F+ Lomography camera right now, it’s so much fun to shoot analogue and be surprised with the results! I’d hate to miss an opportunity to capture or document a moment!

My Personal Motto: “Life is short, live each moment to its fullest.”

Greatest Inspiration: I don’t have a specific person who’s my greatest inspiration… I’m inspired by so many things, especially travelling and seeing new things and places. Sometimes it’s a song or a piece of art. Sometimes it’s a person. I’m inspired by people who start with little or nothing and make themselves into or create something great!

My Weekends Look Like: My perfect weekend is one like my husband and I spent every weekend in London (we recently moved back to Vancouver after meeting and spending two years there). We spent our weekends starting off by waking up early and deciding on one or two of the hundred of vintage, clothing, food or flower markets scattered across the city that we’d visit that day. Then we would pick a cool breakfast spot in that area, head there and let the day unfold filled with taking photos and finding unique things to take home! Over the two years I was there, there was a new market to visit every weekend, but of course we had our favourites that we visited often!

Here, we’re settling back into life in Vancouver… we recently moved to Kitsilano, so we love spending our weekends at Granville Island, finding cool cafes, shops or markets. We love wandering around the shops on Main Street, in Gastown or taking a trip to Fort Langley. A big fav is spending Sundays with friends, cooking a good dinner and playing a board game, like Cranium or Monopoly…our new favourite is Settlers!

My Favourite Thing About Weddings: …is when the bride and groom take it as an opportunity to make their day unique and about themselves as a couple! I think it’s amazing how it’s one day that two people make into a celebration of their love, what they love, include who they love! I adore all the DIY project and details that come along with making the day unique… I became obsessed with all the tiny details of our wedding and I don’t regret that at all… after all the stress and hard work, all the details came together and made the day SO beautiful! I also love how two totally different families get to come together, even if it’s just for that day or week, it’s just SO much fun!

If Money Were No Object, My Dream Wedding in a Nutshell: My dream wedding? I just had it right here in Vancouver actually…! We were surrounded by all the people we love – both of our families, which won’t happen that often because my husband’s family lives in Iceland, where he grew up. Also, we were surrounded by all of our closest friends, which again won’t happen often as many of our best friends live in London, Iceland, Germany, Mexico and Australia. Honestly, when it all comes down to it… having all our family and friends together again would be a dream come true! And if money were no object I’d fly them all somewhere to do it all over again! I’d probably choose to have it in Acapulco, Mexico where we spent every Christmas growing up. In the beautiful old church in the small village below our condo, or on the beach there! Getting married really made me appreciate our friends and family because they are the ones giving us all the support.

Why Join Heirloom: I love everything vintage, and I love weddings! I just got married this summer and had spent a year handcrafting all the little DIY details. Scouring antique and vintage markets all over London and Paris and Vancouver for all the details I needed … from little medicine bottles to vintage frames, chalkboards, books and suitcases. All that to make it all tie in perfectly to our  whimsical 1920′s theme. My real passion is journalism and I love photography… so combining my love for all things vintage, weddings, and journalism… it was a no brainer that Heirloom would be a perfect fit!

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