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Tuesday Tea Time DIY | Valentines Day DIY Love Hearts

Photos courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

With Valentines Day coming up quickly, we thought all you lovelies could use a DIY tutorial on something to incorporate into your plans for the day! Surprise your other half with something extra special and hand made this year! Thanks to Green Wedding Shoes we found this fun little project!

Here’s all you need: 

• Baker’s Twine
• Stripes of paper in various sizes and colors
• Hole Punch
• Double Sided Tape



Step 1: Grab a strip of paper and fold it in half. A variety of different size stripes of paper and colors will add some charm to your heart garland, trust us-it’ll be so cute when the hearts are in different weights of chubbiness!

Step 2: While your paper is still folded in half, add double sided tape to the outside of one end.

Step 3: Curl the two ends in until they meet in the middle and form the shape of a heart, then press down so it is secured by the tape.

Step 4: Add 3 hole punches. Add one in the center and one on the left and right side of the heart. Hole punch toward the top so the hearts don’t topple over when strung through with twine.


Once all your hearts are hole punched, just string through some baker’s twine and you’re done! Thanks Green Wedding Shoes


Alicia xo.