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Tuesday Tea Time | Wedding Planning with Pinterest

Like me, many have come to know and obsess over the beauty that is Pinterest. And while I’ll be the first to warn of its sneaky tendencies, I’ll also boast of its wonderful ways … wedding planning ways, that is!

Countless brides are adopting Pinterest as their personal wedding binder. Gone are the days of ripping up magazines and gathering folders of “stuff.” With a simple “pin”, you’re on your way to a healthy, clear and organised vision.


Today, we look at the Top 5 Reasons to Wedding Plan with Pinterest.

Board Organization by Style Me Pretty


1. Easy Organisation

With the ability to create countless boards, you can organise your ideas and dreams by area, elements or category! There’s also the ability to move, add and delete as your visions become more clear and concise, ensuring your boards always remain accurate and up to date!

For the best use of board organisation and use, look to the Pinterest pages of wedding professionals and wedding blogs.

Search results for "country vintage wedding"


2. Clear Communication

After speaking with a few vendors, brides find  out quickly – different buzz words mean different things to different people. To some, “country vintage” translates to  barn settings, hay and wheel barrels, mason jars, pies and  rustic easy comfort, while to others, it refers to elegant rolling hillsides,  lavender fields and wine country, garden flowers, willow trees and lakes. The two images vastly contrast the other, each with their own unique beauty and appeal.

With Pinterest, you can direct vendors to your boards and visually communicate exactly what you’re looking for. It’s hard to interpret pictures other than how they appear!

Search Results for "Shabby Chic Wedding"


3. DIY Haven

Name the project, and there’s a tutorial for it! With Pinterest, you can type in the craft you’re looking to create, or even simply type in “DIY wedding” and countless projects will appear. The best part is that it takes you directly to the source with pull details and instructions. No more wasting time or searching galleries on wedding websites! Does it get any easier than that?!

DIY wedding projects by Wedding Chicks


4. Quick, Specific and Quality Inspiration

It simply doesn’t get any easier to search than with Pinterest. Simply punch in ANY buzz word, such as “vintage”, “shabby chic”, “retro”, “indie”, or “luxury wedding”. Or try searching by colour, theme and style. Try things like “pink wedding”, “farm wedding”, or “1940′s wedding”.

Be as specific or general as you’d like. You can even hone in on certain areas, like “blue ruffled cake” or “yellow rose bouquet”.

Wedding Vision Board by Lovely Little Details


5. Champion Creative Cheerleader

Last and most certainly not least, Pinterest makes even the least creative feel inspired. Many women have no idea where to start. With Pinterest, you can easily conquer the ho-hum blues. Just type in a word and you’re off to the races. Trust me, it really is that simple! You’ll be feeling like a genius in no time!


But with every good thing comes a warning label. So don’t say we didn’t tell you! Pinterest may lead to:

+ addictive time wasting
+ overload and confusion due to infinite options
+ getting lost in others’ visions and losing focus of yourself and your story
+ believing you can and must do everything you see


Overall, Heirloom gives Pinterest a wild THUMBS UP. But please remember to be courteous while pinning, and be sure to include the credits for the original source and/or photographer, when possible.

Now it’s your turn. Are you wedding planning with Pinterest? Why, or why not? And what’s your friendly advice?


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