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The Average Cost of a Wedding | Vancouver, B.C.

the average cost of a weddingIt still surprises many to learn that the average cost of a wedding creeps around $30,000. And that doesn’t include the honeymoon. Gasp! It’s a wonder couples are looking for ways to DIY and shave pennies off their wedding budget. We understand!

More engaged couples are looking to host an affair that still allows them to maintain their lifestyle, save money for a mortgage and recruits the labour of loved ones and contacts. The new generation of fiances are savvy with their money and they know how to prioritise! Love, family and memories first! It’s more about the sacrament, than a showy one time party! And good on them! We applaud that sort of thinking.

So in the spirit of talking finances, we found this adorable info graphic courtesy of easyfinance.com with a breakdown of the average cost of a wedding, and thought it worth sharing.


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So tell us: How does your wedding stack up to the statistics?!

the average cost of a wedding