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Tuesday Tea Time | Back to the Basics!

We’re ecstatic to welcome you, friends, to our first official Tuesday Tea Time – discussing hot topics and breaking news in the vintage wedding scene.

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Today’s topic – ‘Back to the Basics!’

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There’s been a heavy shift in the wedding scene lately, with brides and grooms opting to forgo the fancy fuss in favour of personalised comfort. Many are moving away from traditional settings, like ballrooms and convention centres, in favour of cozy, meaningful and familiar settings …. think gardens, backyards and heritage sites. They’re choosing select, high priority items and forgetting the rest. It’s about them, their story and creating a union that’s uniquely individualised. If we’re not mistaken, isn’t this where it all began?

Why the sudden shift? Our take: Millennials, the prominent generation tying the knot these days, have a different set of priorities than the last. Their focus is family and friends first, and they’re savvy with how they spend their hard-earned money. It’s about quality over quantity, and the same goes for their wedding!

So tell us, What do you think? Are you embracing ‘Back to the Basics’?



Heirloom says:

[Chief Powerhouse, Kailey-Michelle] Personally, I’m all for “back to the basic!” When it comes to planning your wedding, what matters are the things that make you you, as a couple! And the focus should be just that, not others expectations of you or what society says is “right.” You’re unique, just like your story, and your wedding is an opportunity to set that beauty on fire. So do what makes you happy, the things that really matter and FORGET all the rest. Who’s with me?!