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Tuesday Tea Time | 3 Unique Handwritten DIY Projects

We’ve mentioned it before, but we’ll say it again – handwritten notes are always a winner! Especially when it comes to your wedding day. From cards to DIY projects, personally written letters make the icing on the cake that much sweeter.

With handwritten notes all the rage, we took to finding unique ways of including this simple gesture in your wedding day. Today we share our top 3 picks!

Photos : Brooklyn Limestone, Tammy Horton + Alea Lovely

1. Message Plates

Perfect as guest favours, table settings, or gifts, this adorable plate can be mastered in three simple steps:

+ Buy plates from Thrift store
+ Write message with a Sharpie
+ Bake for 30 mins in a 150 degrees celsius oven and voila! It’s permanent!

Imagine your favourite poem, bible verse or even personalised notes to guests, elegantly glazed on to a plate! Even better, use vintage china plates that encompass your colours and theme.


2. Love Letter Backdrops

The ideal personalised backdrop for your ceremony, dessert bar or photo booth, this handwritten banner will have your guests melting… in sweet awe, that is! Consider writing a love letter to your honey, a cute message to your guests, stories and facts about you two or perhaps an excerpt from your favourite love story.


3. A Shoe “Card”

There’s nothing sweeter than receiving a handwritten letter from your love on the morning of your wedding day. It warms the heart, builds anticipation and helps you focus on what truly matters in that moment – you two. But rather than a traditional card, consider signing a message on the sole of her shoe, something she’ll keep and carry around with her, throughout the day!

Even better if she re-wears the shoes in years to follow, as it will be a constant reminder of the joy the two of you shared that special day you both said “I do”.

Also a novel idea: writing messages to your bridesmaids on their heels!


There you have it, friends. Simple, sweet and filled with heart! Now that’s the way a DIY project should be.

Now tell us, how to you plan to incorporate handwritten elements into your wedding?