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Thursday Theme | Icelandic Wonder | Icelandic Wedding Traditions

With Alica-Rae gone to Iceland with her husband, this week’s theme centers around the wonder of Icelandic Weddings.

Set in the Icelandic landscape, almost like it’s from another world with jaw-dropping waterfalls, natural ice blue hot springs and volcanic lava, just to name a few, Icelandic engagements are generally long – 2-3 years. The weddings usually take place over a week with up to three presentations of the bride and groom at their own churches as well as the one they will be married at.

Icelandic wedding traditions like bed gifts are quirky and historical. It was customary for the groom to present his bride with a gift on the bridal bed, though today it is also common for the bride to present the groom with a wedding-bed gift. Traditionally the bride would be waiting for her new husband wearing only her bridal headdress, which her new husband would remove. Once the couple were in bed together the priest would bless them one last time and the couple would drink from the bridal cups to seal their marriage.

A few fun ideas to incorporate into your wedding are an Icelandic wedding cake called Kransakaka and the Icelandic wedding drink, Mead. Way back in the Viking era, it was a legal requirement to drink Mead for a full ‘moon’ or 30 days after a marriage.  This brings us our modern day term: The Honeymoon.

The Kransakaka is the traditional Icelandic wedding cake which is flavoured with almond. Inside it is filled with chocolates and various candy treats…divine!


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