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Ten things to talk about before Marriage | Week Seven: Career Plans

For week seven of 10 things to talk about before marriage, we’re discussing the importance of talking about your career aspirations and goals with your soon-to-be-spouse before you make the big commitment of spending your future together.

First things first – your current job. You’ve already discussed your salaries and financial goals after reading last week’s post on hashing out your finances, but what are each of your individual career goals in your current jobs? Do you plan to get a promotion in the next year? Or possibly move on to a different company, even a different role? Discuss and create your one, five and 10 year plans together.

Maybe you or your soon-to-be spouse are on a lifelong career path and have a plan already set out – so share your plans. It’s so important to be honest about things like relocation to another city if a job offer comes up as well as the possibility of needing additional education in the future to get you to where you aspire to be in your career. It’s even important to come up with a plan in case one of you loses your job.

If you are a young couple, you may or may not be fully established in your respective careers, making it difficult to foresee the future and to find a balance between investing your time in your marriage, as well as in your career.

These are all things that we can’t predict, but it is still so important to discuss our goals, make plans and even back-up plans with your sweetie, to avoid frustration down the road. If you both have very different ideas about your future and careers, it can lead to a lot of arguments especially if one person feels like the one being forced to give up their dreams for the other. 

ten things to talk about before marriage

Some topics to discuss:

  • Does one of you want to own your own business, or be an entrepreneur? There are a lot of sacrifices and risks involves with that, so it’s important to know you have a partner who will stand by you  through every bump in the road and every victory.
  • Do both of you have a strong work ethic? Or does one of you need a little more motivation to get through their workload?
  • How will having children affect your well-thought-out career plans? Will one of you be a stay-at-home mom or dad? 
  • Are you willing to set boundaries at work to ensure that your family gets the attention they require and deserve?
  • What type of support does your spouse expect from you when it comes to their career choice, whether it be financial or emotional?
  • How much quality time to you expect to spend with your spouse when they are working long hours or have demanding projects?