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Ten things to talk about before Marriage | Week Ten: Sex

All images courtesy of Katya Nova Photography  You get in bed together. Your husband turns to you and says, “Let’s have sex.” But, you’re still angry about the fight you had earlier that evening, perhaps, and so you roll away and say, “I’m not in the mood,” before going to sleep. Well guess what? You have […]

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Ten things to talk about before Marriage | Week Five: Time spent together and apart | Marriage Manners

This week for 10 things to talk about before marriage, we’re discussing the time spent together and apart from our partners. Finding that balance between spending quality time together doing things you both love and talking about the need for time alone and friendship outside of your marriage is so important in the success of […]

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Secrets to a Happy Marriage | Marriage Tips from Those Who Have Been Married the Longest | Marriage Manners Monday

After last week’s post, we couldn’t take our mind off the world’s longest marriage, so decided to whip up the top 40 secrets to a happy marriage. Brought to you by none other than those who have been married for over 30 years, in particular order: Marry someone that you enjoy talking to, and listening […]

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Yes, we fell in love … but now … am I falling out of love?

I stumbled upon a really good read this past weekend … The first line of Alisa Bowman’s book reads as such,” I knew something was terribly wrong with my marriage when I planned my husband’s funeral.” Yes, the “falling in love” part is what we read about, fantasize our entire lives, and aspire towards. But […]

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Money Money Money | Let’s Talk Finances!

Does any of this sound familiar? “We always fight when we talk about finances.” “Her spending priorities are not the same as mine.” ” I tend to overspend at Christmas, while my husband wants more money allowed for vacations.” “Sometimes, he spends a lot of money on stupid stuff…” As the holiday season beckons to […]

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