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Ten things to talk about before Marriage | Week Six: Finances

Although it may not be the most romantic conversation you’ll ever have, it is essential to talk about your finances before you walk down the aisle. Money troubles cause a lot of problems in many relationships and are, unfortunately, one of the leading causes of divorce. We think discussing the financial aspect of your relationship before it […]

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Ten things to talk about before Marriage | Week Five: Time spent together and apart | Marriage Manners

This week for 10 things to talk about before marriage, we’re discussing the time spent together and apart from our partners. Finding that balance between spending quality time together doing things you both love and talking about the need for time alone and friendship outside of your marriage is so important in the success of […]

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Ten Things to Talk About Before Marriage | Week Four: Children + Parenting | Marriage Manners Monday

It’s Week Four of “Ten Things to Talk About Before Marriage” and this week we’re discussing all things related to children. So, you’re ready to make a lifelong commitment to each other! But there is also the important question down the road of another lifelong commitment – having children. While you might assume that children are […]

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Ten things to talk about before Marriage | Week Three: Connection to family | Marriage Manners Monday

Today, in our third of ten weeks of Marriage Prep 101, we’re discussing connection to family. Photo : Sourced from Marriage&Family Website In marrying another person, you are also marrying their family, and it’s good to know something about that family before you enter into a lifelong partnership. Like how much of a part of […]

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Ten things to talk about before marriage | Week Two: Marriage Expectations | Marriage Manners Monday

It’s our second week of Ten Thing to Talk About Before Marriage and this week we’re focusing on marriage expectations. Everyone enters into marriage with all kinds of unrealistic expectations.  This comes from how you were brought up, your parent’s relationship, and the oh-so-perfect couples we see on TV and in the media. Without realising, […]

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