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Yes, we fell in love … but now … am I falling out of love?

I stumbled upon a really good read this past weekend … The first line of Alisa Bowman’s book reads as such,” I knew something was terribly wrong with my marriage when I planned my husband’s funeral.” Yes, the “falling in love” part is what we read about, fantasize our entire lives, and aspire towards. But […]

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Money Money Money | Let’s Talk Finances!

Does any of this sound familiar? “We always fight when we talk about finances.” “Her spending priorities are not the same as mine.” ” I tend to overspend at Christmas, while my husband wants more money allowed for vacations.” “Sometimes, he spends a lot of money on stupid stuff…” As the holiday season beckons to […]

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Marriage Manners Monday | When Reasonable People Argue …

The reality of it is this – We are all going to have arguments, whether we like it or not. With so many people coexisting together, and everybody bringing their own opinion and ideas about how things “should be done” … some feathers are bound to be ruffled. Fact is that you’re not going to […]

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Marriage Manners Monday | Bylaws for In-Laws

In almost every marriage of two lives, you don’t just gain a life partner. You also gain a new mother, father and siblings, plus you bring your own set of parents and siblings into the mix. Photo: Sweet Heirloom Photography One of the biggest challenges in being part of a couple is to learn to […]

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Marriage Manners Monday | Table Manners – What’s Important vs What’s Not?

Ever been seated in front of cutlery and have no idea which one to pick up first? Well have no fear! We’ll help you navigate the Silver Rules (and then some) (: According to Emily Post, the basic manners of eating fall into two basic categories – manners that make a difference, and those that […]

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