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Thursday Theme | Icelandic Wonder | Icelandic Wedding Traditions

With Alica-Rae gone to Iceland with her husband, this week’s theme centers around the wonder of Icelandic Weddings. Set in the Icelandic landscape, almost like it’s from another world with jaw-dropping waterfalls, natural ice blue hot springs and volcanic lava, just to name a few, Icelandic engagements are generally long – 2-3 years. The weddings […]

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Secrets to a Happy Marriage | Marriage Tips from Those Who Have Been Married the Longest | Marriage Manners Monday

After last week’s post, we couldn’t take our mind off the world’s longest marriage, so decided to whip up the top 40 secrets to a happy marriage. Brought to you by none other than those who have been married for over 30 years, in particular order: Marry someone that you enjoy talking to, and listening […]

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Yes, we fell in love … but now … am I falling out of love?

I stumbled upon a really good read this past weekend … The first line of Alisa Bowman’s book reads as such,” I knew something was terribly wrong with my marriage when I planned my husband’s funeral.” Yes, the “falling in love” part is what we read about, fantasize our entire lives, and aspire towards. But […]

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Money Money Money | Let’s Talk Finances!

Does any of this sound familiar? “We always fight when we talk about finances.” “Her spending priorities are not the same as mine.” ” I tend to overspend at Christmas, while my husband wants more money allowed for vacations.” “Sometimes, he spends a lot of money on stupid stuff…” As the holiday season beckons to […]

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