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Household Chores in a Marriage | Who Does What?

Wives do the laundry, husbands do the yard work – isn’t that how it still works when it comes to household chores in a marriage? Doing chores is mundane and boring for everyone. Nobody likes cleaning the toilet or taking out the garbage. When both partners in a marriage believe chores are shared equally, everything […]

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer Who Will Capture Your Unique Story – Guest Post By Wedding Photographer Kelsey Goodwin

Today we are excited to share with you a guest post from the uber-talented, Victoria and Vancouver-based wedding photographer Kelsey Goodwin. Kelsey specialises in photojournalistic, artistic and ethereal wedding photography. She’s giving you a few pointers on what the most important photos of your wedding day are, and the way to find the photographer who […]

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Thursday Theme | Ich Liebe Dich – German Wedding Theme

1.  Victoria and Albert Museum 2. Hochzeitswahn 3.  Zank You 4. Schloss Lichtenstein 5. La Receta De La Felicidad  6. Etsy If you’re planning a German wedding theme, whether in traditional Bavaria or up in the Alps, or in a bustling city like Berlin or Munich filled with culture, or even traveling down the Rhine River by boat… if you want […]

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Tuesday Teatime | The Importance of Having a Professional Wedding Videographer

There’s no doubt that hiring a professional wedding videographer will take up large chunk of your wedding budget, but from personal experience, it is truly worth every penny. Most couples who don’t hire a videographer say they wish they had, and so far we’ve never come across a couple who said they wish they hadn’t. […]

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