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Should You Live Together Before Marriage?

Should a couple live together before marriage? Or should they stick to old tradition and wait until after the big day? For many couples, this decision is greatly influenced by their family members, personal values, religious beliefs, financial situations, society and the media. For my husband and I, we never had the choice of living apart […]

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Household Chores in a Marriage | Who Does What?

Wives do the laundry, husbands do the yard work – isn’t that how it still works when it comes to household chores in a marriage? Doing chores is mundane and boring for everyone. Nobody likes cleaning the toilet or taking out the garbage. When both partners in a marriage believe chores are shared equally, everything […]

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer Who Will Capture Your Unique Story – Guest Post By Wedding Photographer Kelsey Goodwin

Today we are excited to share with you a guest post from the uber-talented, Victoria and Vancouver-based wedding photographer Kelsey Goodwin. Kelsey specialises in photojournalistic, artistic and ethereal wedding photography. She’s giving you a few pointers on what the most important photos of your wedding day are, and the way to find the photographer who […]

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Tuesday Teatime | The Importance of Having a Professional Wedding Videographer

There’s no doubt that hiring a professional wedding videographer will take up large chunk of your wedding budget, but from personal experience, it is truly worth every penny. Most couples who don’t hire a videographer say they wish they had, and so far we’ve never come across a couple who said they wish they hadn’t. […]

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Marriage Manners Monday | Sharing Household Chores from a Husband’s Point of View

How do you get your partner to help out around the house and start sharing household chores? This is a question most women find out the hard way: in an argument. Without constantly nagging your partner and having it be a source of conflict, cleaning is something most women have a hard time getting their man […]

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