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  • We welcome submissions from brides, photographers, wedding planners, florists, and everybody in the industry.
  • We encourage submissions of Real Weddings, DIY tutorials, Local Company News/Spotlights, engagements, proposals, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and styled shoots.
  • Weddings must be vintage-inspired, stylish and creative.
  • Vintage isn’t just about DIY. It’s also about celebrating the highlights of a past era, like the 1940′s, for example.
  • There must be some element of handcrafting in some or most aspects of the submitted wedding.



  1. Provide a detailed description of the wedding day. If possible, the description should be told from the bride’s perspective. If not, the wedding planner and/or stylist can provide a description. Important details we look for – the inspiration behind the wedding day vision, the little (and big!) touches that made the wedding extra special, the sources from where the details were found, the DIY projects that were done. The more details, the better.
  2. Share the location.
  3. Select up to 150 of your best professionally-edited images that tell the story of the wedding day.  See GUIDELINE SPECIFICS for more information.
  4. Choose your images very carefully. We prefer professionally edited images that are clean and simple, and are not overly processed. Pick images that not only tell the story and the details, but also fall into the same colour category.
  5. Be easy to reach. This way, we are not chasing you down for details that we need in order to tell the story of the wedding you have just submitted. The harder it is to reach you, the less likely we would publish your wedding.
  6. Showcase a unique style. There are so many different types of vintage out there, it would take us years to cover them all! We want to show them all in our magazine, so if you have photographed a ceremony, proposal, engagement session in a unique setting, submit it so we can share it with the world!
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. As mentioned, there are so many different ways of doing vintage. Let us know what your wedding is about, and we’ll go from there.



1. There are two ways for submission:

- via Two Bright Lights -

  • Please visit Two Bright Lights’s Editorial Partners page, and look for HEIRLOOM MAGAZINE.

- via DropBox -

  • Please email submissions@heirloommagazine.com for instructions on how to submit your wedding and/or event via DropBox.
  • If you already have a DropBox account, you may send us a shared folder link.

2. Please fill out the following applicable online forms:

3. The submitted wedding must be vintage in nature with DIY elements.

4. Please submit up to 150 of your best edited images.

5. Your submission must contain a good mix of the following shots:

  • the bride
  • her dress and accessories
  • the bridesmaids
  • the groom
  • the groomsmen
  • flowers and centrepieces
  • decor elements
  • favours
  • invitations
  • general/overall ambience

6. All submitted images must be 72dpi, with the widest side no smaller than 1000px.

7. Please submit only cleanly edited images without borders, collages or distracting graphics.

8. REAL WEDDINGS will receive top priority. However, we will also consider submissions for engagements, proposals, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and styled shoots. All submissions must be vintage in style with DIY elements.

9. Submissions cannot be retracted.

10. Regarding Exclusivity:

  • All real weddings, editorials and/or events submitted for blog consideration are not subject to exclusivity clauses.
  • All real wedding, editorials and/or events submitted for online magazine publication are subject to exclusivity clauses. We ask that the real weddings not be published on any medium prior to the publication issue date, including the photographer’s blog. Nor should the submitted wedding have been submitted to another blog or publication for consideration. Submitted weddings for magazine publication which has been blogged or posted on any other website, such as vendor websites and directories, may be pulled from print without any written warning. After one month of publication, all ublished weddings will be released for re-publication in other blogs and magazines.


1. For submission of DIY tutorials, company news or business spotlights, please email submissions@heirloommagazine.com.

2. Please provide the following information:

  • Your company name and contact information, including website urls.
  • For DIY Tutorials, your submission must contain images of all appropriate steps, accompanied by step by step instructions.
  • For company news/ announcements, your submission must include a brief description of your company, along with a feature on your exciting announcement and how it effects/benefits the reader.
  • For spotlight of your business, your submission must include a brief description of your company, what area of the vintage wedding industry you specialize in, what makes you unique as a company and any specials/promo you wish to offer Heirloom Readers (optional).

3. Please submit 5-15 appropriate images.

4. All submitted images must be 72dpi, with the widest side no smaller than 1000px.

5. Please submit only cleanly edited images without borders, collages or distracting graphics.

6. Submissions cannot be retracted.

7. All DIY tutorial submissions must be vintage in style and vendors must specialise or focus on vintage-inspired nuptials.

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