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Top Five Simple DIY Projects With Scotch Duct Tape – The Ultimate Wedding Crafting Tool

As most of you know, Heirloom is currently on the hunt for the next wedding nut to add to our team. That’s right, a Winter Intern whose face and voice you will surely become acquainted with. Well, meet Alicia-Rae. She’s an adorable newly-wed who happens to be a Queen Bee, DIY, vintage junkie. [See her DIY Vintage wedding here] She’s taken some time out of her busy schedule to share with us her idea of the Ultimate Wedding Crafting Tool –  Scotch Duct Tape. Welcome her today, friends and be sure to leave her some love! So without further ado, I’ll pass you off to Alicia-Rae!

I’ve just discovered Scotch’s newest product – colourful and patterned duct tape! This is a necessity for any DIY-bride to incorporate into their wedding designs – it’s fun, inexpensive, bright and colourful. And not to mention, it saves a ton of time and stress. Of course this discovery happened after spending my entire summer hand crafting my entire wedding. If only I had known about this wonderful product, so many of my DIY projects could have been made so much simpler.

There are hundreds of ways to include Scotch Duct Tape in your wedding day, but here are my top five simple, yet super fun and creative projects with Scotch duct tape for all you crafty brides:


1) Add some personality and string some bunting across your invites:

Source: mermag.blogspot.ca

This is my number one favourite craft with duct tape. Choose a patterned tape that matches your wedding’s colour scheme and match it up with some good quality paper for your invites. Have your text printed onto the paper, or if you have tidy enough handwriting – do it yourself! Cut the tape into equal sized triangles, and stick them onto your paper. Next, simply take a sewing machine sew a quick stitch across the tape bunting and voila, you have a very crafty looking invite! If sewing isn’t your forte, draw a dashed line with a thin point black gel pen instead.

If you want to skip any cutting, sewing or drawing just place a strip of patterned duct tape down the side or across the top of your invitation to add a bit of personality and colour after you’ve printed or handwritten them. You could also use the tape to line your envelopes and match them with the tape used on your invites. Simplicity can be beautiful!

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial by MerMag.blogspot.ca


2) Handmade duct tape flowers:

Source: howjoyful.com

With just duct tape, paper, buttons, paper clips, hot glue and an easy pattern to follow; these wonderful creations are easily made into unique bouquets, headpieces, floral embellishments for bridesmaid’s belts, floral arrangements and all sorts of wedding décor. Choose buttons and tape in colours and patterns to fit your theme and pallet. Choose pastel colours for a soft vintage feel, or bright, bold colours for a more modern look.

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial by HowJoyful.com


3) Fun bow ties for the groom:

Source: scotchducttape.com

Although most of the attention will be on the bride, why not set the men apart and give them a bit of the limelight? Create custom made duct tape bow ties for your groom and groomsmen! You can never go wrong with dapper gentlemen in bowties, it’s a timeless look.

For a classy look, choose a chic solid colour (white, grey or black) that pairs well with your bridesmaids dresses and accessories. Or, if your groom is up for rocking a stylish statement, choose a bold patterned or vintage paisley print.

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial by Scotch Duct Tape – simply change the bobby pin for an alligator clip or safety pin so it can be easily attached to their shirts.

4) Embellish your escort cards:

Source: thehaystackneedleonline.com

What a simple way to make already lovely manila tags, even more lovely! All you need to do is take a small strip of the duct tape in a pattern or colour that suits your wedding and place it on diagonally across the center, or even across the bottom, adding so much personality to your cards. Go crazy and use a Martha Stewart ‘Doily lace edge punch’ or this Martha Stewart ‘Birds on a wire edge punch‘ on the tape to give it some more detail.

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial by thehaystackneedleonline.com


5) Jazz up your signature cocktails and appetizers with pennant flags:

Source: 100 Layer Cake

Use Scotch duct tape to liven up the food and drinks served on your big day! This is the simplest craft of all five. All you have to do to add some fun to your appys or signature cocktails is cut a piece of tape that’s twice as long as you want your flag to be, place the top of a straw, toothpick or skewer in the center, and fold the tape over it, then onto itself. Snip the ends into tails to make them into flags.

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial by Martha Stewart


Check out all the colours, patterns and get more project ideas at scotchducttape.com


xo Alicia-Rae | Heirloom Intern Applicant

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