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About Heirloom

Like most areas of our life, we seek outlets to express our personal style. Whether it’s
our home, our fashion or our beliefs, we wish to share our inner beauty with the world.
When it comes to vintage weddings, this outlet is significantly magnified.

It boasts innate sophistication, both luxurious and effort-fully stylish. It’s genuine and
authentic by nature,  but its true beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Vintage emotes emotion and sweet sentiment, curating memories of days gone by.
It’s a visual connection – of our past meeting the present.

With the use of texture, colour and props, guests are given a glimpse of the light that
shines within you two as a couple. It’s a journey through your history; both past,
present and your future to come.

And unlike conventional weddings, a vintage wedding in uniquely complementary to you!
The opportunities are endless and there is no “guideline” to how it should look.
Dare to dream your wildest dreams and present ideas that are out-of-the box.
Create an ambience of grace; one of passion and personal reflection.

We dedicate this manual to you, the Vintage Bride, as a means of inspiration,
tips and know-how, for curating the wedding of your dreams, unique and
precious, for reasons close to your heart.