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Tuesday Tea Time | Professional Wedding Photographer – To Use or Not To Use

The topic of whether or not to use a professional wedding photographer is one that pops up every now and again, predominantly with couples who are looking to have a DIY focused affair.

Their desire is typically to have a lovely celebration, crafted in a labour of love by their closest friends, family and family contacts. Many times, they look to hiring individuals who have passionate hobbies and can offer them their services at a cost far less than the industry standard.

While I myself can see the temptation in this, I beg you to carefully consider your choices. While I see this as a GREAT option for things like, wedding cake, florals, invitations/ stationary, and Disc Jockeying, I draw the line Here: Wedding Planning + Photography.

For my reasons on why this is a no-no for wedding planning, read my article the Truths | Why Hire a Wedding Planner. But for today, I want to address photography.

Credit: Torbang Photography

Other than videography, photos are the one solid tangible you have to take away from your special day. You can’t rely on your memories, as many will be clouded by the emotion of the moment. You’ll be so swept away, the day will run away faster than you know it! Photos allow you to relive the memories, even when yours are distant. They capture the intimate, joyful and candid seconds and preserve them for you forever. They allow you to not only treasure them, but share them and pass them on to future generations of family.

Photography plays such a valuable role in not only your wedding, but in your lifetime. Why leave that to an amateur? Why risk having your tangible memories come back fuzzy, dark or even worse, non existent?

I’m not saying your friend isn’t fabulous at her art or your cousin who shoots fashion photography isn’t capable. What I am saying is this: Carefully consider if should they be your first choice. Are there other areas you can compromise on to keep the integrity of your wedding photography top notch? If so, do it!

I know first hand of two friends who’s tangible memories disappoint and it’s raw and heart-breaking to them still. If you’d ask them the one thing they’d change from their wedding day, they’d answer photography and seeing the value of it’s importance!

So tell us, why do you feel you should or should not use a professional wedding photographer?!