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Fancy Finds | Perfect Pair Media

Today, we’re pleased to introduce you to one of Vancouver’s freshest wedding cinematographers, Perfect Pair Media.

The owner and principal artist, Paul, has a commitment, and that is ‘to creating the most unique and coolest wedding video ever made!!! One that speaks directly to you and your loved ones. A video that says … this is totally US!’ And we think that’s pretty fabulous!

Paul’s work is cutting-edge, and he’s always looking for a new way or angle to capture the moment. After all, no one wants the “same old, same old”, especially when it comes to the video documentation of their wedding! Paul refuses to re-create the same video; he will find a way to make it uniquely you, guaranteed.

“I believe my product speaks for itself and much more importantly, it speaks to who my clients are as couples.” But don’t just take his word for it, see for yourself. Grab a cup of java and enjoy his viewing theatre.

Personally, we adore the above montage! Enjoy, friends and be sure to check Paul out on Facebook.

Happy Weekend!

PS: Did you know? Perfect Pair Media captured Chief Powerhouse, Kailey-Michelle’s Wedding day as well! Check it out here.

Matt Kennedy says:

Love it Paul! That video is amazing! Well deserved feature, great job Heirloom Ladies!