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Modern Vintage Glamour Engagement Shoot after a Proposal in China | Weddings Wednesday

This sweet styled engagement shoot caught our eye because we simply adore modern vintage glamour! And the proposal story was simply too adventurous to not share!

In the to-be-bride’s words:

“So in 2011 we went on an overseas adventure, during which time we travelled through China for three months. Eben took me out of the city to a small mountain village called Songpan in the southwest of China. We hired two Tibetan guides who spoke no English, and trekked for two days and one night high into the mountains. The guides cooked pasta for us from flour and water, and we set up camp for the night.

It was a gorgeous starry night. With the full moon, the valley was completely lit up, and the horses grazed in our full view.

Eben said that something came over him, and he couldn’t miss the moment. So he proposed, unplanned, right there and then.

Since then, I’ve been designing wedding gowns, and loving it! The engagement shoot captures my latest design – a short lace gown. Inspired by my great grandmother’s wedding in 1929, when she wore a short dress and cloche. The cloche is also in my collection.”


Photographer | Miss Amy Elizabeth
Venue | Orchid House, Queens Park, Mackay Australia
Gown | BLU Wedding Boutique
Makeup | Extend Your Beauty
Tie | The Lost Boys Club
Flowers | Florrific Flowers