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Marriage Manners Monday | The Signals We Send – Holding Hands,Winking and all that Fun Stuff

When Ian and I head to the theatres, regardless of whether it’s an action flick, a drama or a comedy, you can always count on one thing – our snuggling and handholding. Imagine our joy when they introduced theatre seats with removable arms to encourage closeness amongst couples!

When a survey was taken amongst a varying age group, it was found that couples who engage in regular nonverbal communication, such as hand-holding, winking, and all that other fun stuff, were, as a group, quite satisfied and successful in their relationships.

Bottom line? Physical communication is a successful language that makes a difference in saying “I love you” in varying ways.

Photo : [stu-di-o] by jeanie Photography


One of my favourite moments to capture with my couples is the handholding. I love how I can find out more about my brides+grooms simply by observing how they hold their hands with each other. Are they the interlocking type? Do they like to dangle pinkies? Or do they jump right in and fully palm-lock with each other?

In addition to handholding are visual and non-verbal cues. Especially popular are the WINK and the LOOK. When we aren’t speaking, we still communicate very effectively with our eyes. A wink doesn’t cost anything, and could effectively and immediately bring a blush to your partner, especially when they’re not expecting it. Couple that with a smile, and it’s a win-win! One of my signature moves, according to my husband, is a wink and a nose scrunchie. Who knew I had a signature move? LOL! (:

As relationships deepen and couples learn more of one another, those signature moves, however insignificant, build layers upon layers of intimacy. Something as simple as a touch, a squeeze of one’s hand, a wink or a lean of the head onto a shoulder … they really make a huge difference.

These little signals tell, without words, how much we love and appreciate their closeness, and how much we relish being in their company. Done wordlessly, these little touches validate to your partner their role in your life – an essential part in intimacy building in any relationship.

And did you know that handholding actually reduces stress? Truth!

So next time you meet your favourite person, give them the non-verbal cue that they know so well. Do it gently, warmly, and with feeling so your person knows you care.

We’d love to hear how you say “I love you” without using words …what’s YOUR little signal that you share with your partner? ❤