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Marriage Manners Monday | The Art of Listening

We started a series on our Facebook page from the lovely Emily Post, expunging on all topics from etiquette to communication.

Communication is an art. A beautiful art that is so essential for successful relationships, and so we thought that we would keep on that topic, and start a conversation about it.

In Emily Post’s Essential Manners for Couples, a whole chapter is devoted to Communication – The Glue that Holds A Relationship Together.

“Without communication, you have no relationship.”

We’ve talked about how 50% of communication is being a good listener. And that means…

1/ Making eye contact
2/ Not interrupting
3/ Avoid fidgeting
4/ Paying attention

In addition to that, we believe that it’s also setting aside time to actually talk. In this world and age, where the media has reached into our lives through the TV, the computer and even our telephones, it’s so easy to have all of that on and even be a replacement of couples talking to each other. How often are we guilty of sitting and watching TV instead of facing our partners and talking about what has happened in the past day, week or even month? I know that I sometimes opt for watching my favourite TV show over just spending good quality time with my husband.

But when you catch yourself doing that more often than face-to-face chats, that’s when it’s so vitally important to set aside a time when you and your partner sit down and actually talk together. That means no TV … no computers … no telephones! Once a week, during our date night dinner out, my husband and I find a good location, be it a restaurant that doesn’t have a TV on their walls, or at home, and we turn our phones off and spend a few hours really connecting with each other.

Another way is to plan a regular activity that gives you talking time together. It could be something like strolling through a park, or making time to have a picnic.

What about you? What do you and your partner like to do together?