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Marriage Manners Monday | It’s More Than Just a Date on Your Calendar

There’s a reason why they’re called anniversaries and special occasions. It’s because they are that. Special. And they’re a chance to celebrate what’s truly unique – the two of you. Together. And they make for a great page to add to the story of your lives together.

Some special days will be unique to just the two of you, like the date when you first met, or when he asked you to marry him. Others, like Valentine’s Day or Mothers’ Day are shared with the whole wide world.

What’s fantastic about these special occasions that we know way ahead in advance is that we can plan for them to make them into uniquely-yours celebrations.

And whilst we’re on that topic, let’s chat about gifts. I grew up with my mother constantly receiving practical gifts from my father – a microwave, new golfing shoes, a set of top-notch pots and pans … but the gifts that she raves about are the ones when practicality is not achieved. Like the pendant diamond sterling silver earrings that my dad had custom designed for her for their 25th anniversary.

Gifts matter. And the type of gifts do matter as well. This doesn’t mean that only gold or diamonds will do for those milestones in life. A modest gift that has been chosen with the utmost care and consideration can also be interpreted as an extravagent gesture as well.

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Here’s a list of what the big milestones are, and gift suggestions!

1st Anniversary | Paper or Plastic | Books, Notepaper, Magazine, A Poem Printed on Paper
2nd Anniversary | Calico or Cotton | Cotton Throws, Cotton Pillowcases, Cotton His-and-Her Tee-Shirts
3rd Anniversary | Leather or Simulated Leather | Photo Album, Leather Bag, Leather Suitcase, Leather Notebook
4th Anniversray | Silk or Synthetic Material | Silk Handkerchiefs, Silk Bowties, Silk Flower Brooches, Silk Pillows
5th Anniversary | Wood | Picture Frames, I Love You Wooden Blocks, Jewellery Chest
10th Anniversary | Tin or Aluminium | Cookie Tin, Aluminium Metal Sculptures, Decorative Plateware, Cufflinks
15th Anniversary | Crystal | Jewellery, Candleholders, His-and-Her Wineglasses
20th Annivesrary | China | Handpainted Platter, Vases
25th Anniversary | Silver | Jewellery, Dinnerware
30th Anniversary | Pearls | Jewellery
35th Anniversary | Coral (Now Jade) | Custom Seals, Jewellery, Accessories
40th Anniversary | Ruby | Jewellery, Accessories
45th Anniversary | Sapphire | Jewellery, Accessories
50th Anniversary | Gold | A Pat On the Back, Jewellery, Accessories
55th Anniversary | Emerald | Jewellery, Accessories
60th Anniversary | Diamond | Jewellery, Accessories

That said, gifts don’t need to be traditional, though that is a good fall back list to have. A special trip planned for a special anniversary can be a gift as well. Sometimes, it’s also the planning that adds to the excitement. My husband and I are looking at our 40th Birthday with lots of giddy anticipation, because we know that it’s going to be a trip of our lifetime in celebration of turning the big four-oh together.

What it boils down to is that it doesn’t matter what you give, it’s how you give it that really matters. Taking the time to create new memories based on an event that only happened once, for example your wedding day, is adding that page to your book of your journey together. Make it a beautifully thick book with tons of good chapters to flip to! ❤