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Marriage Manners Monday | “Hello, …and you are…?”

Has this every happened to you before? You walk into a room full of people, and you bump into a couple whose faces you recognise, but not their names, even if your life depended on it! Oh my! How do you introduce them to your significant other?

One of the most common reasons why people fail to introduce their spouses is because they have forgotten the name of the person why are talking to. SO…instead of making the introduction, they leave it to the other person to introduce themselves to their spouse. Fingers+toes crossed, hoping that in the meantime, nobody has noticed their omission of an introduction.

Photo: Anna Kuperberg

…hm… not such a great idea.

While this may seem like a good idea, it can be very frustrating for the parties waiting to be introduced, and leaves all parties “hanging”.

SO! In this situation, the simplest solution is to rely on the third principle of etiquette – honesty – and admit your temporary memory lapse. After all, we are all human, especially in a roomful of new faces that we’re just meeting! (:

Here are a couple of introduction starters:

“Here’s my husband, Ian … I’d like to introduce you, but I’m really having a hard time with names this evening.”
“There are so many new faces this evening! I am so sorry, but I have forgotten your name. Can you please remind me what it is again?”

And your husband (or wife), upon hearing your predicament, can pick the ball right up by extending his or her hand, and saying, “Hi! I’m Jeanie. Pleased to meet you! And your name is…?”

Of course, there are also the awful moments when, after a lengthy conversation with a new friend, you have forgotten their name! It happens to the best of us, so not to worry, as here’s a tried-tested-and-true method that many couples use – secret signals.

Ian and I have established a signal cue, whereby if either of us enters into a conversation already started by the other, and we can’t remember who it is we are talking to, we give a signal to indicate so. For me, it is the brushing of my hair behind my ears. And for Ian, I know that I need to introduce myself to whomever he is chatting with when I see that he, ever so slightly, adjusts his collar.

So there you have it! Signals can be lifesavers, and social etiquette saviours!

And mix it up a little too! A wink across the room can let your honey know that you’re way over there with all those people, but you’re thinking of them.

Nothing like a little wink and a smile to make someone feel extra special.

We’d love to hear about your signals that you send, either to send an SOS or not! Won’t you share with us? (: