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classic love story … in a notebook-inspired rowboat engagement session | lindsey+morgan | kelly swanson photography


A classic high school love story of boy meets girl … it conjures up thoughts of a dreamy rowboat seen, as inspired by the movie, The Notebook, beautifully captured by Kelly Swason Photography, all of which we love! Lindsey and Morgan have the sweetest tale of romance that we simply have to let them describe it to you in their words.


“Morgan and I met in high school – I was in grade 10 and he was in grade 11. I use to work the concession at our school’s basketball games and Morgan would buy one nickel candy at a time just so he could come back and see me. We really got to know each other on the school’s music trip to California: childish fun in Disneyland, sunny ferris wheel rides at Santa Monica beach, holding hands on roller coasters at Six Flags – oh young love!

After we dated for a few months, I moved across Canada with my family … but we kept in contact. Two and a half years later, after a picturesque trip to the Washington Gorge to see Coldplay, I decided to move back to Vancouver in order for Morgan and I to be together.

Fast forward just over 3 years (which in included the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, a trip to Palm Desert, and a backpack tour of Western Europe), Morgan got down on one knee and proposed to me under the tree we had carved our initials in over 6 years earlier! It’s been a bit of a road to get here, and we are so excited to be engaged and planning our forever together…I can’t wait to finally share my last name with my best friend in the world!”



Photographer | Kelly Swanson Photography

Cathy Kennedy says:

Beautiful story, couple and photos!

Leslie Ann Hebb says:

We couldn’t be happier! Thanks be to God for the love, the relationship, and the future He has for these two :)