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Intimate Springtime Desert Wedding | Kelsey+Josh

As our days begin to get longer and we look forward to the breath of air called spring, here’s a tantalising springtime intimate wedding in the desert of Arizona that will hopefully get us over the winter blues!


In the photographer’s words:

“What a great story. I posted on my Facebook page that if anyone wanted to get eloped, I had a great idea for shooting it. Little did I know that my dear friends Josh and Kelsey were on the cusp of eloping themselves, and they allowed me to be a part of the process. Their wedding was so fun and unlike any wedding I had ever been to because it was so “fly by the seat of your pants.” There were no concrete plans (in a great way!), and it was just so intimate. Their vows just blew me away with how special and personal they were to each of them. There were so many inside jokes and things that were meaningful to them — I loved how they didn’t stick with tradition. They like to make furniture, so Josh made the altar they stood at and the table they ate at. They also handmade plates for their guests for the dinner they would have by the fire. It was southwest-themed, so the couple, who live in Texas, traveled to Phoenix for the affair, near where Josh’s dad, the officiant, lived. It was really a treat to be able to be there with them. I wish every wedding could be so intimate and focused on love and the couple.”



Photographer | Alea Lovely Fine Art Photographer
Venue | Lake Pleasant Campground
Hair Stylist | Carla Calderon
Makeup Artist | Makeup by Jen B
Floral Designer | Victorian Gardens