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Teatime With Heirloom | How to Plan the Perfect Tea Party | Part Two: Hairstyles, Outfits and Organisation

Last week we talked about the basics of how to plan the perfect tea party (part one), from where to have it, what time of day, and sending out invites and sourcing out props. This week, we’ll talk about how to make your party run smoothly, and what to wear!

On the big day, the key is to be organised. Have your menu planned out and all the ingredients for each recipe ready to go, and know how much time you need to cook each item. If you’re catering for a large group, don’t hesitate to ask your friends for some help, as getting ready can be the most fun part of the day! Next week we’ll talk recipes for breakfast, brunch and evening teas.

Image Courtesy of The Vintage Tea Party Book


How you dress sends out signals of who you are and who you want to be! To get a cute and simple 1940′s look, tie a headscarf into your hair for style and hygenic purposes. It looks extra cute if you put some curls in the front. In fact, all vintage hairstyles start with some sort of curl. Try a victory roll or classic pin curls!

Make sure you find a cute vintage apron! Visit Anthropologie for some sweet ideas, or make your own! If you get your own copy of The Vintage Tea Party Book, Angel Adoree has step-by-step guides for hair, make-up, aprons and more!

Another fun idea at the beginning or before your party is to have a station where your guests can make their own hair decorations. Since the late 17th century, women have been decorating their heads with adornments, like Marie Antoinette who was known for wearing just about anything on her head.  Gather some glue guns, vintage buttons, pieces of fabric, straw fascinator bases, veiling, crocodile clips, feathers, and beads and let the creativity begin!

And that perfect vintage dress? It’s the one who has already lived, been to fabulous parties, and enjoyed enticing cocktails. When you get your hands on of of these, you must wear it to its full potential. Set off to your local thrift and vintage stores. Look for something with colour and texture – lace, sequins, black and reds. Look for something you will keep forever. Have fun with it and pick up some great accessories along the way too. We recommend searching on a rainy day when you don’t mind being cooped up inside little vintage shops. If you’re in Vancouver, Main Street is just FULL of shops!