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Five Tips To Being the Perfect Host | Marriage Manners Monday

Last week, we shared with all of you lovelies what we thought were the Five Essential Tips to being the Perfect Houseguest … today, we turn the tables, and examine the Top Five Tips to being the Perfect Host (:

Photo : Laura Ivanova

The key to hosting a successful overnight stay us to go in with the expectation that everybody is going to have a great time. To ensure that your houseguests’ visits are enjoyable and glitch-free:

Tip Number 1 : Set a Clear Start and End Time for the Visit

When calling your friends to initiate plans, ensure that you have a clear start and end date. And clearly communicate those dates. There’s nothing worse (and uncertain) than this – “We’ll probably be here on Thursday afternoon, and we should be around all weekend.”

Gah. That spells everything BUT welcoming.

A great way to communicate your host-fullness … “We’ll be here on Thursday after Dave gets off work (at 4pm), and we’ll be here all weekend!”

Tip Number 2 : Make Sure that your House is Clean

Besides vacuuming and picking up any stray (and expired) magazines and newspapers, it’s also a good idea to put away all clutter, be them personal or not. It’s also a nice touch to put out, in prominent places, some framed photos of you and your houseguests. This is the bonus step in making your guests feel at home and welcome, as soon as they step through your front door!

Tip Number 3 : Make Ready your Guests’ Room for them

Well before their arrival, ensure that the bed in the room they are going to be in has been made up with fresh sheets. Have out an extra blanket; I know I always appreciate one or two as I get cold easily! Make sure that the alarm clock and the reading lights in the room are in good working order, and empty out the wastepaper basket. Also, make sure that there is ample room in the closet for them to unpack, kick back their feet and truly feel taken care of! And a great bonus step is ensuring that there is a recharge station for all of their gadgets.

In the bathroom for your guests, make ready by …

  • + setting out fresh towels
  • + ensuring that there is fresh soap (or bath lotion), and a bottle of shampoo and conditioner
  • + puting in a couple of clean water glasses
  • + ensuring that there are extra rolls of toilet paper
  • + placing a hairdryer in the sink cabinet or drawer; that’s always a nice touch
  • + not forgetting to put out a box of tissues
  • + getting ready a guest basket filled with floss, toothpaste, razor, etc.

Tip Number 4 : Give your Guests a Quick Tour when they arrive

It’s always nice to orientate your guests when they arrive, so that they know where everything is and what is available to them. Also, don’t forget the common rooms, such as the living room, dining room and kitchen. If it’s a shared kitchen, let your guests know that they’re welcome to help themselves to anything in the fridge. It’s also a great little touch to clear a shelf for them, especially if your guests are staying for more than one or two nights.

Also very helpful is an information package, especially if you have wifi and your guests have their laptops and other wireless devices.

Tip Number 5 : Make Plans Carefully

Know that your regular routine and plans are probably going to change a little when you have houseguests. Or, you can also choose to include your houseguests in the activities that you enjoy doing, such as walking in the park with your dog in the mornings, or heading out for a round of golf. Also, find out what’s happening around town during the time your guests are staying with you, and suggest some activities that are of interest to you as well as them. Such as going to the opera, or heading out to a street festival.

And, no matter how wonderful things are going that weekend, remember to schedule in some down time. Even if your guests have tons of energy and are experience-oriented people, it’s always nice to be able to just relax and catch one’s breath.

So there you have it, folks! Have you been The Perfect Host lately, and see something missing in our Top Five Tips? We’d love to hear what it is! (: