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DIY Christmas Ornaments | Beaded Christmas Balls | Tuesday Tea Time

Christmas crafting season is in full swing, and the ladies of Heirloom have been crafting away! Over the next few weeks we plan to give you some creative Christmas DIY projects to give your home some vintage holiday cheer.


Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these gorgeous glass bead christmas ornaments, the perfect addition to your vintage tree with just the right amount of sparkle!


  • Clear glass christmas balls any size(plastic will do just fine if you cant find glass ones – I found mine at Michaels (http://www.michaels.com/).
  • A bottle of Elmers All Purpose Glue
  • A variety of glass seed beads (we used silver white and gold and found that, for the small balls, it took almost two full vials of beads)
  • A large bowl
  • Some crafting lace or twine
  • A medium size paint brush
  • Spray adhesive (optional)

Step One:

Take a glass Christmas ball and a string of lace and tie it on to the top of the Christmas Ball so it can hang. This is important to do first so you have something to hold on to and not worry about touching the glue later on.

Step Two:

Hold the Christmas ball by the metal top piece and drizzle the Elmers glue all over. Create a thin and even layer all over.

Step Three:

Take your paintbrush and spread the glue evenly all over the ball. Ensure it is smooth and there are no missing spots or bubbles. Make sure even the top is covered.

Step Four:

Take a vial of seed beads (or bag) in one hand and have the Christmas ball in your other hand, still holding by the metal top part of the ball. Dangle the ball over a large bowl and slowly sprinkle the beads all over the Christmas Ball. Be careful not to let the beads pile up on the Christmas ball. Continue this until the entire ball in covered and there are no missing spots.

Step Five:

Go over the ball one more time, checking for missing spots. If there are missing spots, take the bottle of Elmers glue and squeeze a tiny bit into those spots. Immediately sprinkle more beads on those spots. Take a small pin and fix any of the balls that have stacked on top of each other.

Step Six:

Hang the ball somewhere safe to let dry overnight, or until dry.

Photos : Alicia-Rae Light

Step Seven:

This isn’t an essential step, but if you want to ensure you don’t lose beads over time, use a spray adhesive or sealer and spray that over the ball to keep everything in place.

Et Volia! You have some perfect shiny vintage ornaments for your tree.