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10 DIY Bridesmaid Gifts Your Ladies Will Love | Tuesday Tea Time

diy bridesmaid gifts

We love the idea of sweet and thoughtful bridesmaids gifts that show your ladies just how much you appreciate them. What better way to thank them than taking the time to craft up something thoughtful for each of your lovely ladies! Giving DIY gifts doesn’t have to come across as cheap or a way to save money; they can be very creative and personal.

Keep in mind, all these gift ideas can double up as great stocking stuffers for your family and friends this Christmas!

bridesmaid gifts

If we all could afford it, a spa day for each of our dearest bridesmaids would be ideal, but most bride’s wedding budgets don’t allow for that. Thankfully, gifts don’t need to be extravagant or expensive to show your gratitude. Most of the time a small, handmade gift is a wonderful opportunity to express your appreciation and love for all those people who have been so helpful in getting you ready for your big day. There’s something about putting a little time and creativity into a present that makes it that much more meaningful!

You can always go the traditional route – a framed photo of the two of you, a piece of jewellery to match their dress – all great gifts, but for you crafty brides, may seem too conventional. So, here’s a little DIY gift guide to help ease the “what to give?” worries:

1. Vintage Brooch Necklace

Using vintages brooches, earrings and pins, you can create a gorgeous Anthropologie-style necklace without the Anthropologie price tag for your ladies.

2. Vintage Locket with Personal Note

Tell your bridesmaids ‘thank you’ with a hidden note. Scour your local flea markets, thrift and jewellery stores for lockets that fit your friends’ styles. Then write a special note to show that you care. Follow the easy instructions on the tutorial!

3. Apothecary Bottle Gift

These bottles are gorgeous and make wonderful bridesmaid gifts when filled with homemade perfume, body oil, or bubble bath.  You can even make a less girly version and fill it with whisky or scotch for groomsmen gifts.

4. At Home Spa Essentials

What a wonderful idea to package up simple body products in amazing glass bottles and personalise them! These bottles make gorgeous home decor as well.

5. Vintage Tin Candles

Such a unique way to re-use antique food and tea tins that you can find all over town in vintage markets, antique shops and thrift stores. Find the ones with intricate patterns and fun colours for a vintage feel!

6.  Screen Printed Cotton Muslin Bags

These bags are perfect for candy, cookies, tea light candles and  small gifts. Fill them up with something that your bridesmaids will love!

7. Vintage earrings with DIY Packaging

Get some simple and cute vintage earrings for your girls, and make your own packaging to make them unique and gorgeous.

8. Canvas Doily Tote

Using a standard paper doily as a stencil, you can add beautiful detail to a standard, inexpensive canvas bag. This would make for such a sweet and affordable holiday or bridesmaid gift. Fill with treats or the apothecary bottles, candles in tins listed above and you’re golden.

9. DIY Boutique Soaps 

These are also a great addition inside your bridesmaid totes! Choose a cool vintage image of something each of your bridesmaids love! What girl doesn’t like being pampered with nifty handmade soap?


Do you love to cook, and do your friends love your cooking? If so, you could host a four-course dinner party in your bridesmaids’ honour. Choose the finest wine you can afford, and the most luxurious dishes you can prepare for a night that you will all remember. What a great way to wind down in the midst of planning and relax together enjoying each other’s company.

diy bridesmaid gifts