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Teatime With Heirloom | Domestic vs. Destination Wedding

Do you dream of getting married in some far off destination, like that 19th-century German fairytale castle, that Tuscan vineyard among the rolling hills, or maybe on that tropical beach with blue seas for days. Or do you dream of a traditional church wedding, walking down the aisle while the old organ is playing the bridal march?

 destination-weddingImage Courtesy of Misses Dressy

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular for all types of couples, including those getting married for the first time, as well as couples renewing their vows or getting married for the second time. A big 24 per cent of brides are having destination weddings nowadays. Here’s why: Because of  all the amazing deals that hotels, airlines, and wedding planners have created – destination weddings now have a reasonable price tag. The average cost for a destination wedding is $17,000 for 100 people whereas a domestic wedding costs between $25,000  $30,000 for the same amount of people.

Our favourite part? Only those who really love you will travel for you, so why not celebrate with your nearest and dearest in paradise? Instead of having a one day, eight-hour event, you can have a five day long-weekend celebration. The most popular spots for destination weddings are The Virgin Islands, Hawaii and Las Vegas.

It also saves money on the honeymoon, which isn’t included in that above average cost of a wedding, because many couples combine their destination wedding with their honeymoon, like island hopping in Hawaii, or moving to a private resort or hotel after your celebration.

It’s not for everyone though if you’ve always dreamed of a big, elaborate wedding than maybe a destination wedding isn’t practical. If you can’t imagine not having your whole family and some friends, then it just might not work for you. Also, if you want to plan every intricate detail of your day yourself, it also might not be the right choice for you – it’s not like you can just pop over to The Bahamas to meet with your florist one day, photographer on another.

Why did you decide on having or not having a destination wedding? We’d love to hear from you!

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