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Fancy Finds | Custom Vancouver Wedding Invitations | Made by Michelle Mark


This week we got up close and personal with Vancouver wedding invitation designer Michelle Mark. We love all her hand cut and rolled 3D floral invitations, tiny pearl and rhinestones – Michelle is a master of detail. She would love to own her very own letterpress one day – if only she could figure out where’d she’d put it!

1. How did you get started doing wedding stationary?

I started making invitations over 4 years ago. It started when I did my own wedding invitations and I was hooked! Soon, I was making friends invitations, then friends of friends, and then the word passed on. All my clients are more than happy to support a local small business like myself. My husband helped me put together a website to showcase some of my samples and it took off from there.

2. Would you say that you have a signature style?

My style is modern and elegant with very clean lines. I work with what my clients want and put my creativity with their ideas. My concept is to try to make that first impression of their wedding as best as I can in the form of the invitation.

3. Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from meeting each bride and groom to see what style they want to portray. I love being able to create a different invitation for each couple that they will love.

4. What materials, inks and papers do you use?

I use high quality metallics and textured papers. I am so in love with different kinds of papers and colours! I have my favourite products and I show them to clients to choose for their invitations.

4. Do you have a favourite form of printing?

I do prefer the look of digital printing and laser. The lines and print is so clean and precise. I do wish to own a letterpress machine one day, although I wouldn’t know where to put it.

6. Do you have a favourite typeface?

I tend to choose back to cursive fonts like Beautiful, Scriptina and Blackjack because it is easy to read and also very ‘wedding’ like. I also like the simplicity of Century Gothic for the modern types.

7. Do you offer anything other bridal stationary?

I sure do! Basically, any invitation design can be incorporated into any stationery needed for a wedding. I do one-of-a-kind guestbooks reflecting the wedding style decor and colours. I have photos on my website for example.

8. How do you work with a bride’s budget?

I do keep in mind with what the bride wants and what is realistically within their budget. I show them options what they can add or subtract to cut costs but still look elegant.

9. How do you work with a bride’s style and ideas, and do you have any advice for how you can help them make their vision a reality?

I like to hear what they want to see on their invitations and then I show them samples of what it could look like. Most brides end up with a design they love and I am more than happy to make them. I will never try to sell or push them to something they might not like. My advice is always go with your gut and what you love.

10. Do you do custom designs?

Every one of the invitations I have made so far has been custom and handmade. I am proud of each project and can say I have the flexibility to create any idea a bride has, within budget of course.

11. Whats’s the craziest request you’ve received?

I wouldn’t say I have created anything ‘crazy’. The thing with custom design is each project is a new challenge and some are harder then others. The 3D flowers invitations for example is very time consuming and some might say will go crazy if they had to cut and glue all of them together.

Photo : Made By Michelle Mark