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Fancy Finds | Buttercream Couture

When scouting vendors for your wedding day, it’s important to surround yourself with those who are like-minded and positive. Camaraderie and personality can go a long way in ensuring proper communication and exceptional service! Which brings us to today’s Friday’s Find…

Truth be told, we have a secret crush on Melissa of Buttercream Couture. Not only are her wedding cakes and creations pure art, but they taste sensationally scrumptious. To boot, she’s got wit and personality to spare and will have you keeled over in laughter both in writing AND in person…something we greatly favour and enjoy!

As she puts it, “I’m a cake artist, dessert fiend, family gal, foodie and former sleeper who likes taking long romantic walks to the fridge!

I like musicals; wearing no earrings; classic rock; pretentious poetry; tea; running; pencil; bad pop music; my hubby’s exceptional backside; small towns; going to costume parties wearing a realistic moustache; comparing moshpit injuries; Canadian accents; massive platform shoes (not on me, on other people); French history; my kids; heavy blankets; violin; making pilgrimages and weeping over beautiful baked goods; sea-storms; fantasy; inventing words; Shakespeare; old old jazz; long hair; Irish whiskey; fairytales; making lists.”

Photos by Rebecca Amber Photography + Select Photography

Contrary to what you’d think, Melissa bakes as a hobby and for the pleasure in it. “Weddings have this nasty habit of trying to ruin my hobby, so I take on only ones that excite me.” She rarely bakes novelty cakes and strictly avoids anything that requires hoards of dye or glitter. “Everyone likes to look at those things, no one likes to eat them!” We couldn’t agree more!

Photos by Vanessa Voth, Ophelia Photography, Frances Eden Creative + Alyssa Dusevic

If you’re looking for unique whimsical desserts, Melissa is certainly your girl. Be sure to check out her website and fan her on Facebook!

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