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Hands on With Heirloom | Burlap Placemat Tutorial

Burlap will never go out of style; it is the perfect accent in any home or event and we found our favourite way to incorporate it into your wedding decor, or simply onto your kitchen table.

Here’s our very own DIY Stencilled Burlap Placemat Tutorial:

Cut your desired amount of burlap placements to a size that suits your décor. Two yards of burlap will make approximately nine placements. We bought our burlap from a fabulous company called Burlap Bag and Company, a wholesaler based in Burnaby. Bring cash as they don’t take credit cards!

We cut each burlap placemat to 14 inches x 19 inches, allowing room for fraying. Then, using a linen setting, iron out the wrinkles in your placemats.

Gently pull one thread at a time from each corner towards you to create a frayed fringe all the way around the placemat. Do this until the fringe is as long as you would like it to be.  We frayed about ½ an inch long for ours.

When you have finished fraying, some of the edges will be uneven, so snip them the even it out.

To stop the placemats from fraying further, use a sewing machine to quickly sew around the entire edge placemat, at the bottom of the fringe you created. This will make them last much longer. We chose black thread because that was the colour paint we used for stencilling.

Cover your work surface in newspaper or some parchment paper.  Then, choose your first stencil. Use some painter’s tape to tape your stencil in place once you decide where you want your stencilled design to be. This will keep your stencil in place while you are stencilling.

There are many brushes that you can use for this project but we found the best ones are rounded flat sponge brushes called “spouncers”.

Since this is a small project, we recommend that the less paint that you use, the better. Apply just one or two light coats by dabbing up and down gently. This will make sure no paint leaks under the stencil, maintaining clean lines. You might need to press your brush harder into the corners to ensure that you have perfect corners. Remember to hold down your stencil, as you don’t want any paint to bleed into the edges of your design.

As soon as you are finished, remove the tape and gently lift the stencil off of your placemat and set it aside. Make sure you wash your used stencils right away with a gentle soap and water and allow it to dry flat before you move onto the next step.

Right after you take off the stencil, lay a piece of parchment paper on top of your design. With the iron on linen setting, gently place your iron on top of your design and parchment paper and leave for approximately two to three  minutes. Be sure not to leave it any longer or the parchment paper may burn through your burlap placemat. Ironing will set the paint onto your burlap placemat, thus making it permanent.

And voila! You have the perfect rustic design burlap placemats for your home.

You could also consider making a bride and groom stencil and use them to mark your places at your wedding reception. If you wanted to be extra crafty, and you aren’t having a very large wedding, you could stencil the first names or initals of your guests and use them as place markers and favours all in one!

Speaking of designs, here are a few places where you can purchase your very own stencil designs :

1. Michael’s Craft Store
2. iStencils
3. Stencil Planet

If you are handy with a stencil cutter, which can be purchased at Opus Framing or Michael’s Craft Store, you can also click HERE to download the stencil designs that we used in our GotCraft Spring Show workshop.

Have fun!

Lesa Wright-Beaupry says:

Need to remember to use iron & parchment to set the paint!