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Marriage Manners | Bedtime Rituals

When I think of bedtime rituals, the first thing that pops into my head is jammie time and listening to stories frm my parents or grandparents before bed. But, bedtime rituals aren’t only for children, in fact, it’s just as important for adults to get a good night sleep as well. We all need to unwind and mentally prepare for going to sleep.

One of the most important things in a relationship is to go to bed together. Its the one time in your day when it’s just you and your partner, and no distractions. Use it as quality time to relax and unwind together, plus it’s where the fun stuff happens! Have a shower together, talk about your day, cuddle, watch a movie, simply enjoy being together. Our ritual is to never go to be angry, and to always kiss each other goodnight. Usually we fall asleep cuddling or watching a show. Whatever works for you!

If you have trouble sleeping, here are some other ideas of things to do and enjoy together before bed, so you can relax together.

1. Drink herbal tea. What’s nicer than sitting back and enjoying a cup of tea together before bed? Especially chamomile tea, as it’s proven to help you relax. Or, try one of the sleepy time teas on the market. David’s tea has an amazing tea invented for moms who can’t sleep but want something natural to help them find some shut-eye. Organic Mother’s Little Helper, which has organic valerian, aka “nature’s Valium,”  helps to take the edge off your 24/7 reality.

2. Clean up your bedroom before bed. Take a few minutes together to tidy up your papers, straighten out the sheets, or pick up dirty laundry. Having a clean space leads to less stress, and the less stressed you are, the more time you will spend enjoying each other rather than worry about the mess and things around you.

3. Soak your troubles away
Have a nice relaxing soak in the tub, together if you can both fit! It’s how you got ready for bed as a child, but it works for adults too. Find some relaxing essential oils and add a few drops to the tub to help ease your mind. Many people swear it’s an instant stress-reducer, one bound to put your body into sleep-mode.

4. Get on a schedule
Come up with a schedule that works for both of you, and stick with it, at least a few nights of the week. Of course, it’s not going to be possible to stick with the same ritual every night, but if you can try it will truly help! Going to sleep and waking up at the same time everyday allows your body to know when it’ time to relax and rest.

5. Do a yoga class together. It’s an awesome way to squeeze in an hour or so together into your day, and is a sure way to get you prepped for a good night’s sleep. I recommend something slow and soothing, like a yin yoga class. The ladies of Heirloom love YYoga and the variety of classes and times they offer and great locations all over the city. Plus, you can lure your partner in with the awesome infrared sauna they have to relax in after class.

6. Get rid of distractions. Most importantly, put your laptops and phones away. Get an alarm clock for your morning wake up call and stop sleeping with your phone next to your bed or under your pillow. By removing these things from your bedroom, it becomes a sanctuary where you no longer have to think about them.

What’s your bedtime ritual? We’d love to hear what you do with your partner before falling asleep! Comment below.