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Fancy Finds | Distressing Furniture using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

All images courtesy of  Stu-di-o Jeanie

How many times have you seen those stunning vintage, distressed pieces with that velvety matte finish and thought, I could do that? The Passionate Home is a gorgeous home décor store in downtown Langley filled with so many vintage treasures and they specialise in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

The Passionate Home offers a full range of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, waxes, brushes and books. And, they offer classes with hands-on training in all the basics you need to paint anything from a small chalkboard or frame to a full headboard, door or cabinet. The techniques taught in the classes are essential for all you vintage brides wanting to incorporate anything distressed into your big day.

You may have heard of the product before – but this is the best of the best. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is the original. Its called chalk paint because its matte, smooth and chalky looking and feels that way once it has completely dried. You can create a chalkboard with it, but it is not the same thing as chalkboard paint.

Get excited because we’ve teamed up with The Passionate Home and put together a class especially for you vintage brides – a one off class where you will learn the basic techniques of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and make your own vintage distressed chalkboard to use at your own wedding! The class will be held on Sunday March 24th – more details to come soon! Please e-mail us here to sign up for the class and for more information.


Annie Sloan’s colour palette is inspired by 18th and 20th Century decor and design, and what a gorgeous selection of colours it is!

Imagine a gorgeous ‘Old White’ vintage desk for your signing table, old picture frames in ‘Paris Grey’ for your table numbers, a ‘Duck Egg’ wooden arbor for your outdoor garden ceremony, or some special chairs in the bold and beautiful ‘Florence’ for the bride and groom for photos. You could even incorporate ‘Pure White’ painted mason jars into your table decor or hung down the aisle and filled with flowers at your ceremony.

And just think, you can use all of your creations in your new home after the big day – talk about budget-friendly and smart spending!

The paint was created in England in 1990. Annie Sloan wanted to create a versatile paint that would have many uses from acting like limewash to looking like old painted furniture.

The best part about the paint is that it is very easy to work with. There is no sanding or stripping required before starting a project with ASCP. You can pretty much paint on anything, it goes over metal, plastic, clay pots, galvanized steel, fabric, there’s so many endless possibilities.

The paint dries in 20 minutes to half an hour – it’s so fast that you can finish a big project in one day. You can step away from it. Most projects only take one coat, with the whites usually take two. You can leave the paint open for hours and it wont dry up. If it gets too thick, just at water. Sounds too good to be true right? The Passionate Home invited the ladies of Heirloom to a class and we tried it for ourselves… it isn’t!

I have to say, that since taking the class, I have become a chalk-painting, furniture-hoarding addict, spending every weekend at thrift stores around the Lower Mainland gathering up anything I can change into a vintage gem, husband-in-tow. Carrie Thachuk , the owner of the beautiful shop did warn us this could happen.

Carrie is so incredibly passionate about what she does.  The first time she tried Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (which we’ll refer to as ASCP from now on), after finding it at a market, she was standing in her garage saying, “Oh my God this is amazing. It was sticking, it was beautiful. Everything in my house needed to be Paris Grey. I just couldn’t stop.”

“It’s been such a joy to discover all the things that [ASCP] can do and to share it with people and to see their joy, and the transformations it makes,” said Carrie. “There are so many beautiful pieces that can be redone, its good for the environment, just good all around. Everybody is winning except for the husband’s whose garage is now full of furniture.”

Owner, Carrie Thachuk, explaining the history behind how she brought ASCP into her store.

This regular classes teach you everything you need to know to create the look at a fraction of the cost.  Students will learn the basics of how to apply one or two colors of  ASCP, different distressing techniques and the proper application of Annie Sloan Soft Wax.  Each student will leave with six different beautiful samples and the enthusiasm and expertise to go home and finish a piece of furniture!

By the end of the class you should be able to go home, understand how the waxes are going to change the paint color, how to properly apply the wax so that it’ll cure and dry properly and you’ll have all the freedom to go home, with confidence to do your piece.

“We think this paint is absolutely amazing, because to be able to revitalize all of your grandmas old pieces, that have been inherited or in the storage or the basement and nobody is enjoying them, so to be able to paint it up and actually use it us so awesome,” said Eleanor an employee at The Passionate Home who taught us all the techniques alongside Carrie.

The next few regular classes will be this Saturday February 9th (beginners class), Saturday March 2nd (advanced class) or Saturday March 9th (beginner class) – click here to register. All classes include all the supplies that you will need for the day – just show up in your painting clothes!

Or if you’re interested in our vintage chalkboard class, why not round up your bridesmaids and make a ladies night out of it? Wine, cheese and wedding crafting… what more can a vintage bride ask for?