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5 Luxury Weddings Ideas on a Budget

My guess is that there’s many of you out there looking for luxury wedding ideas on a budget. There’s nothing to be ashamed of! We see great value in get the most bang for your hard earned buck. And truth be told, there are countless ways to create a lavish, sophisticated feeling wedding experience without needing to take out a second mortgage!

With careful planning and a little bit of research, you’ll learn which areas your money will serve you best in fooling your guests into thinking you broke the bank. Joke’s on them!

Today we look at 5 simple techniques in creating a luxury wedding on a budget…


Photos from Top to Bottom and Left to Right: Go Lucky Photography, Ameris, Melissa Gidney, Corbin Gurkin + Hatch Creative


1. Choose a Venue that’s Lavish As- Is

While is may cost you slightly more to rent the space, you’ll spend less on decor and flowers trying to create your ideal setting. In addition, you’ll have a grand backdrop for timeliness, luxury-feeling photos.

2. Light Up Your Night

Invest in lighting and give yourself major wow factor points for little money. Give the room a coloured hue with dramatic uplights up the wall (bonus if the room has cool wallpaper!) or hang a few pretty chandeliers to give the setting a more sophisticated aura. It’s amazing how a few dramatic focal points can create the allusion of more for much less!


3. Presentation is Key 

Rather than spending a pretty penny on a smorgasbord of fine delicacies and neverending courses, have your caterer present modest portions in unique ways with elegant embellishments. You might even consider presenting your courses as trios. Less food = less Cost. That more than makes up for in personality and poise. By focusing on elaborate presentation, you’ll fool your guests into thinking they’re at a 5-star restaurant.

4.  Experiment with Table Shapes 
Rather than having traditional round tables at your reception, consider playing around with unique layouts and table shapes. Try connecting long tables to make a large U around the room, with the dance floor in the middle and your head table at the front. Talk about a grand ball environment! Or what about using square tables of 4, to create a more intimate, informal bistro like setting.

5. Illuminate to Distract 

Ever been to someone’s home in the evening and been wowed by a candle lit setting? Dozens of flickering flames creating a romantic, enticing environment. Ever returned to that same place during day light, only to be struck with reality; one very basic boring room, over run by simple and blah?! Tricked you, didn’t they? Then consider your favourite dinners and you’ll likely remember a candlelit setting. Play off that sweet nostalgia with an expansive sprawl of candles.
For relatively little money, you can mask a simple room, spend less on decor and create a special setting, by simply investing in reusable (bonus!) candles.


So tell me: Which of these 5 techniques would you consider using in planning your dream wedding?!